A day in Copenhagen

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The Danish capital of Copenhagen is one of the most existing cities in the world and there are plenty of things to see, enough for a whole year. However, most people visiting do not have time to see it all, so here we have collected a few things that you can spend a single day doing and will show much of what the city has to offer. So take a look at this guide and read about all the things that can you do in a single day, whether it be a boat tour in the harbour to strip tease in Copenhagen.

Beautiful views from the top of Round Tower

Whenever you visit a city, you must find a high place from which to see it all. In Copenhagen that means a visit to the Round Tower. Here you can see every landmark that the city has, and it is a great way to get a feeling for the layout of the city. There is an entrance fee, but the view is fully worth it.

Stroll along Nyhavn

If you google Copenhagen, Nyhavn will be one of the first results and that is no coincidence. The canal boasts of beautiful architecture and delicious, albeit slightly overpriced food and drinks. When you would miss out if you did not see it.

Boat tour

When you reach the end of Nyhavn, hop on one of the tour boats and take a trip down the harbour and in and out of the canals. Copenhagen’s history is closely tied to the sea and most of its greatest landmarks can be seen from the harbour. Tour guides will tell you all about the city’s history and if you catch the right boat, you might be able to buy a beer for the ride.  

A night out in Copenhagen

While traditional Danish cuisine mostly consists of pork, potatoes and butter, the restaurant scene in Copenhagen is fully on par with what you can find in New York, Paris or Tokyo. The city is renowned for its pizzas, so definitely try that. Danes are traditionally a beer-drinking people, but you can find plenty of fancy cocktail bars and high-end wine bars. Or you can seek out one of the many night clubs and dance until your legs shake. If you want a slightly different but undoubtably memorable experience, you can enjoy some strip tease.